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Why the hell isn't this getting more coverage

Ok so update on the recount - Stein lost her bid to get Wisconsin done by hand. But they’re still doing a recount and have already begun.

As for Michigan...where Trump won by only 10,704 votes...

The Michigan secretary of state’s office announced that Mr. Trump on Thursday objected to the recount, halting plans to begin the process on Friday. Lawyers for Mr. Trump argued that Ms. Stein did not qualify to demand a recount and that it would not be finished in time for the Electoral College, which meets on Dec. 19. The board plans to hear the objection on Friday, and if it rejects it, the recount would probably commence on Tuesday.


WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT THIS? Are you kidding me? He actually got lawyers involved to stop this WHILE whining and tweeting about voter fraud!?

WHAT THE FUCK, GUYS. I hope you all signal boost this as much as I am.

Edit: another article about it from the Guardian, this time at least with an appropriate headline.

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