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Why?: The Kardashians

A new Series in which I ask the esteemed kinja community why.

Bitch I’m Back, by popular demand.

I know this pick is going to be controversial and the fact that it is, fills me with a deep sadness, but alas.


In all honesty I actually know why, because Kris Jenner sacrificed her first born to the devil. That’s why.

Since talking about these women can get out of control. These are the merits I am examining. They’re contribution to the culture at large. My personal opinion is that The Kardashians live at the opposite end of Donald Trump. They both prosper due to the same reasons and climate. It’s just that Donald and Ivanka are malignant whereas The Kardashians are benign. Although I think that’s debatable, the kardashians being completely benign, that is.

Anyway the following is what I object to the most;

“They (kim, khloe, kourtney) are amazing women of color”



How they bite off of and prosper from essentially stealing from black girls.

The assertion that kim is the greatest feminist to ever feminism which, mayyyyybeeee???? But how? And WHY?

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