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Why the Plus-Size Bride haters? AKA The internet is full of jerks

Preamble: This posting privilege comes at the PERFECT time.

After getting engaged, wedding dress shopping was a mixed bag. I had never imagined myself as a bride and never dreamed of the "perfect wedding." Being in the plus size range for most of my life, the idea of trying on a bunch of white dresses was something I didn't look forward to in addition to the frustration and anxiety of a normal fitting room.


Seeing the different options online from designers cheered me up significantly and I entered the BRIDAL WORLD. The one boutique I went to didn't have sizes I could try on in the dresses I wanted (12s or 14s that I couldn't fit over my breasts) and the ones I COULD fit into would only work with a bunch of add-ons (pick-ups and flowers, etc.).

My mother and I found true love at David's Bridal.

An off-white Vera Wang for David's Bridal dress in my size. I could go through other problems I have with David's Bridal but regarding size availability, they're tops.

Yesterday, I go through blogs and news sites and see a discussion about a plus-size professional stylist's experience finding her dress (BEWARE AUTO-PLAY). She wanted a particular style and the only size they had on the floor for it was a size 8. So they held it in front of her, strapping an elastic band around to see how it looked.


Since I enjoy hurting myself, I entered the comment section and was horrified:

"If she didn't want to be 'humiliated,' she should step away from teh (sic) Big Macs and lose 100 pounds."

"Why are these fat women sitting down complaining about the 'problem' when they could be out exercising? Well at least they're talking and not eating"

"A woman had to wear a girdle today -news at 11"

"The store sample wasn't in her size.... What sort of experience does she thing (sic) she was ENTITLED to? "

"...This story of her arrogance is humiliating her more than any sales clerk ever did."

"Can we please stop pretending that 'curves' means fat? How is being round having 'curves?' That's just one curve! Real women have curves, plural, like an hourglass! Real lazy women have one curve."


And those aren't even the ones I replied to. Typing them out here almost made me cry.

Groupthink has the "don't be a jerk" rules. My husband says regularly "the internet is full of jerks." Here on a summer click-bait article are not only examples of being a jerk but aggressively missing the point and discounting a woman's experience. This may be a juvenile "Someone on the internet was mean to me, Mom!" post but in light of Laura Beck's Lululemon article, I thought it was worth my first official post.


Anyone have their own stories or fears/dreams of bridal shopping?

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