I think maybe we shouldn't be using this term anymore.

I am very passionate about the fat acceptance movement, as many of you know. As someone who has been advocating for fat acceptance, it is quite offensive to me when someone uses the term "thin-shaming" which is like saying that the shame a thin person has felt is anywhere close to the constant berating and obstacles of being fat. I'm not going to go into an in-depth personal story because i am not trying to make this about my story, just like i would appreciate if others on here did not talk about their personal stories either- it does not add anything to the discussion.

I've posted some comments i've read today that i think are very important for those who say they've been "thin-shamed" to read.


And to be clear so that this argument does not arise again- i am not saying that women of all body types are not shamed- it is a horrible thing. A thin woman can absolutely be shamed about her body type. But let's call it what it is "body-shaming".