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Why?: This White Man Pulling Out His Ingrown toenail on youtube

A New Series in which I ask the esteemed kinja community why.

I’m the kind of person where I like to know and understand as much as possible about our world. So when I don’t understand I research and ask questions of others, because I want the opportunity to learn. And so I came across this video.

No not this one.

I have so many questions.

First he said he just had the surgery. And I thought ok. good. But now he wants to take out the remnant.


But if you had surgery then, why can’t you wait until the follow up appointment? They don’t just give you surgery and then say, good luck out there kid. That’s not how medicine works.

Then he said he called his doctor, to get an xray. The doctor was like we can’t do an xray cause that’s not how xrays work. Which makes sense, so why not go to the doctor, because x rays are not the only imaging tools in medicine.

And I’m sure your doctor told you this wasn’t the best idea.

Then he’s like, oh I’m going to put the nail in a gun and shoot it. WHY? How did firearms enter this equation? Why. What is the purpose? What are you doing? WHY? Someone explain it to me.


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