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Why Trump Voters Should Never Ever Be Forgiven

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Two years ago there was a bunch of choices the republican voters could have made. They could have chosen any of these other men. Yes some would be nightmares Cruz and Carson. Actually maybe Trump is as bad as Cruz. Still you had governors like Christie, Kasich, Jeb Bush whose policies would have been bad but would not have brought disgrace to the White House and none thought using nukes is an option except of the most extreme last resort. None as far as I can tell are racist. I think all three governors were qualified.


Except these voters went out of their way not to support a qualified candidate. Oh no they had to vote for the person who called Mexicans “rapists and murderers”, used rhetoric right out of White Nationalists playbook, mocked a POW, disabled jouralist, got his crowds into a violent frenzy.

Rational people would have said “thats not who I am” , “we need a qualified person”. Yet the Trump voters are the same people screaming a one term senator was not qualified to be president. Yet they backed a reality tv star and bigot. Along with misogyny. There is no way they did not know this when they walked into vote for the primaries.


Trump voters could have chosen another path. No. They did not.

To think just three years ago I dreaded a Hillary/Jeb race.

Now these Trump voters are making me ask “well maybe Jeb, Kasich or Christie would not have been as bad” which really angers me.


My ticket for 2020 is Oprah/Maggie Hassan ticket. I hate puttng in someone with no political experience but she has best shot of beating Trump. Plus she seems to have a good thirst for knowledge something Trump lacks. Hassan is a former governor and now senator to balance the ticket.

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