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Welcome To The Bitchery

Why Wear Yoga Pants Instead of Jeans - A Case Study

According to my measurements and the size of the pants in my closet, I should wear a size “X”. I cautiously ordered a pair of jeans advertised as “baggy.” I checked the measurement guide, and ordered a pair TWO sizes larger than what the chart said I should wear (which is the size currently in my closet). I have big hips and thighs, so I wanted to be sure they would fit, even with the baggy description. My idea being I can take in the waist if they are too big.

Not only do they not fit my thighs, I CAN’T GET THEM OVER MY CALVES. What kind of fuckery is this?!? I ordered TWO sizes bigger, and I can’t get these “baggy” jeans over my calves.


THIS is why I wear yoga pants.

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