Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Why? Why do I do this to myself?

I just spent the last half an hour making a fake e-mail to set up a fake facebook so I could look at my abusive (emotionally, physically, sexually. This is the guy who sued me during divorce proceedings for “wrongful death” over my abortion) exes facebook page.


And he’s fucking happy. At least facebook happy The bastard is fucking happy and has a fucking wife and fucking kid (those two were the ones who showed up at my apartment, in the incident which let me know he had been cheating for so, so long) And i’m relatively happy with my life currently. I’m in a job I love- that he didn’t want me to pursue- and with a great solid guy. I just got day drunk and in a day drunk-y tiff with Boy Heathen and decide I would soothe myself with the knowledge that my ex was terrible but he’s not!

Fuck that dude. Why? Why didn’t I keep looking at happy pretty yarn?

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