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Welcome To The Bitchery

I work/go to school at a large medical/graduate school. Because of this, every spring/summer, our email is flooded by grad students, med students, post-docs, and residents who are moving and trying to sell everything they own.

Mostly, this is not a huge deal, people are supposed to mark these e-mails “spam” and most people have a rule set up in outlook that send them to their own folder, so you can look at them if you want and they won’t cause you to miss important e-mails.

Unfortunately, people seem to have no concept of the fact that if they attach a zillion pictures to this email, it takes up space. Our inbox limit is 600MB. I have a bunch of large files sitting in my inbox on purpose. Most of our lecture notes are emailed to us, and are very large files. I was out of the lab August-December doing rotations, and all of May doing a clinical immersion, so I kept these in my email rather than saving them to my lab computer. (I know, I know, I could have put them on DropBox or GoogleDocs, but I’m lazy)


This means I’m hovering around 500MB in my inbox. Over the last two days, I have gotten 60MB of “spam” (not really spam, but people at my institution trying to sell their stuff). That’s 10% of my total space! Today I got an email from someone trying to sell a home brewing kit and a vacuum. The email was 28MB and included 11 pictures (7 of the kit and 4 of the vaccuum)

SERIOUSLY? 4 pictures of a vacuum you are trying to sell for $30. The body of the email already included the make and model, and the Target link.

No, stop. Include a link, include 1 picture (maybe try a lower resolution so it doesn’t take up so much space). STOP.

Anyone else having inane things bugging them?

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