I have had the flu shot, upped my hand sanitizer usage, and been swabbing my phone and laptop with alcohol 1-2 times a day.

BUT. Despite my best intentions to limit human interaction (ie, hermitting all weekend, working at home and only going into work for meetings/time in between meetings) in the past two days I’ve had meetings with at least two people that either currently have, or are getting over, the flu. And I know someone I met with at the end of last week now has the flu. Obviously people can’t help if when they transmit the virus BEFORE feeling sick. But those people that are actively sick, or still getting over symptoms—WHY THE FUCK WON’T THEY STAY HOME?!

And now I have a headache and am feeling really exhausted, and trying to weigh in mind what the chances are that I might be coming down with the flu, versus the chances that it’s just not enough sleep or caffeine today.