Hey, girl
Hey! Yeah, you โ€” I know you hear me
What's the matter, angel? You not talking today?

I saw you look at me, okay
Don't pretend you don't see me
I see you looking at me,
I saw you look at me.
What's the matter, beautiful?
Are you trying to buy something in public, woman?
That's cute, actually.

Where you going?
Am I fucking bothering you?
Are you that stuck up,
to just ignore me?
I'm just trying to invite you to my friend's party, okay?
He won the lottery.
Now don't you feel stupid?
Come drink with my friend.
What, are you scared?
That's cute;
you'll fit right in.

Why you mad?

โ€” this is a poem I wrote based on my recent experiences from guys @ my 7-11. If it's kinda creepy I apologize but it is just a poem...