Well, to people who work in the service industry, at least. Yesterday was my parents' anniversary, and we went out to dinner. My boyfriend came along because he was invited. Anyway, for whatever reason, the food took a while to get to the table. It wasn't extremely long, but our waiter checked up on us twice and apologized. Then when our bill came, he said that all of our entree meals' fees were waived off the bill. That's around $60-$70 worth of food! Why? Because I guess we were patient and understanding? We didn't throw a fit? We didn't threaten him? I'm just assuming that some customers are so awful that our conduct was, for some reason, appreciated and rewarded? I'm not sure, but that was so kind and generous of the restaurant! The waiter was awesome. We left a really good tip for him. I'm definitely going back there again!

So yes, good waitstaff and good restaurant managers and employees in general - you guys are awesome!

ETA: in all honesty, you should always be a decent human being to other decent human beings :)