Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Is it okay to generalize Southerners as a whole? It drives me insane. I'm a mouthy, stem cell studying, pro-choice, feminist liberal living in the heart of the Deep South and I've got a number of intelligent, progressive friends. My mother is a mouthy, pro-choice, and independent woman who may cringe a bit at my super liberal leanings but is damn proud to have raised such a incorrigible bitch.

Yes, Paula Deen is southern and obviously has some unforgivable ideals. Yes, we have got some backwoods lawmakers and it is embarrassing. No, it is not okay to say that just because we live here means we all hate black people.


I realize that this in no way touches the stereotypes POC encounter every single day and I am in no way trying to conflate the two. I just find the smugness so tiresome. Blergh.

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