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October is one of my favorite months of the year because I am an unabashed horror fan. I love being scared. Since I don't own a newer video game console I like to spend a lot of time on Youtube looking at gameplay videos of horror games. My favorite way to consume scary stuff is by reading stories, both real and fake. Today I made a huge mistake.

I spent all day reading stories and some were mildly to moderately scary but none were bad enough to make me stop until LIKE AN IDIOT I clicked on a story called "Jeff is Back" (I am so serious, do not even Google it because there's a soul-crushing picture associated with it that will definitely ruin your night) because someone said it was horrifying and I was like PSSHH due to my humongous ego and belief that I am un-scareable.

I WAS SO WRONG AND I REGRET EVERYTHING AND I JUST HEARD LOUD POUNDING COMING FROM SOMEWHERE AND I'M PROBABLY GOING TO DIE. Everything in my house is making a scary noise and I have to pee but then I have to walk through darkness to get to the bathroom which has a shower curtain behind which I am certain there is a horrible nightmare creature ready to MURDER ME TO DEATH.


Me right now:

I'm going to definitely have to watch something, or read something, or drink a big ol' martini to deal with this. Except, you know, I'll have to leave my bed. What is a good way to cope with terror? Or just, life?

Edited because the original gif was super nauseating to look at.

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