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Wicked was Wicked!

Wow. In spite of my limping along at a snail’s pace due to my recent stupidity, Spouse and I made it to New York, had some great food, saw Wicked, which was amazing, and had a generally very, very, very good anniversary, which included lots of fun and serious in-sleeping this morning. We sat around in the hotel’s lounge, munching and doing the Times crossword for a while, Then on the way home we stopped by a fantastic Lebanese place.

I do want to talk about Wicked. It’s been a very long time since I read the book, but by my memory, the musical doesn’t track the book very closely. On the other hand, it has some amazing songs in it, and ultra-amazing casting, stagecraft, and presentation. “Defying Gravity” made me weep.

Also: If you can possibly afford it, get decent seats. We decided to spring for center seats six rows back from the stage and they were worth every cent. You can see the expressions on the actors’ faces.


31 years (we’ve known each other for over 33 now). Not a bad start.

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