Get your mind out of the gutter! I mean my perfect special wienerdog.

She had to get some teeth out today and I had posted a worry-wart post about it earlier. She is home and healthy and super mad at me but she did great! They took out 7 teeth, but not "difficult" ones.

She doesn't want to cuddle, but also doesn't want me more than 3 feet from her. She also won't look at me. And she is softly whimpering to herself. I am so sad she is uncomfortable. It doesn't help there is a torrential downpour right now and I had to run through it carrying her while she was disoriented and half-medicated.

I know she will improve! I impulse bought her a new bed and some fancy ass canned food on Amazon hahaha. Stupid woman, letting my emotions get the best of me.

The picture is her on a happier day.

Update: She is furiously licking the inside of her butthole so that is encouraging.