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Wifi works again three dumbish questions

Well got wifi to work again and in the meantime three stupidish questions came to my thoughts.

1. Where would Captain Stubbing fit as Star Trek captains. I am sure you all know what ship he was captain of. My thinking he would shine as a diplomatic captain with his captaining style being fatherly and a counselor. Warp speed romance.

2. Why isn’t football more popular outside of US and Canada? Basketball there are world championships, hockey and baseball too at least in Olympics. Football nope. I wish CFL and NFL seasons coincided I would love to see a true Superbowl. You would have to altenate each seasons Superbowl on the rules one season Superbowl on CFL rules next on NFL.


3. Why can’t the apple Snow White was given be real? I would so much like to sleep until until next November and skip this presidential cycle.

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