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Wild and Crazy Night, Morning OT

Ahahahaha I kid, I kid.

So yours truly falls asleep sitting on the sofa, GT open on her laptop. I go upstairs to bed, stopping in the bathroom like you do.

Well I fall back to sleep sitting on the toilet. (the sad part is I was completely sober, just tired)


I wake up and think “oh fuck, I want to go to bed, not doze off on the crapper,” I stand up quickly, only to realize my legs have fallen asleep.

Well, slow-motion face-forward fall happens, with me realizing my left foot is bending at a really strained angle.

Between the numb-legs returning pain and the face plant pain, I am literally nauseated. So I just laid on the tile floor and enjoyed the super cold tile against my face. Underwear and pajama pants around my ankles.

After a few minutes, I rolled over onto my back, and then got up and gimped to bed.


The good news is while it hurts a bit to walk, not bad enough to indicate a fracture. I think I strained some tendons, but certainly not the end of the world. No bruising, either, just a little swelling.

Since the wind chill is -9, I wasn’t planning on leaving the house anyways. All the better for my silly foot. :)


GT, feel free to chat about silly wipeouts like mine or anything else this wonderful* day.

*by wonderful I mean cold as fuck and icy

ETA: I have returned victorious from letting the neighbor’s dog out in the ice.

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