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This is something of a re-post from last year.

We're coming up to baby animal season, and people might start seeing babies that may or may not not be orphaned, so this is a link to the Toronto Wildlife Centre homepage.


They will only deal with calls from the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), but their website gives a LOT of good advice as to how to deal with a baby animal that you might find; how to assess whether or not it's orphaned and what kind of care they need. As well as some general wild animal rescue advice.

There is a big green button in the upper right corner of their homepage, and clicking on it will take you to question pages which will walk you through how to assess and help these animals.


I'd advise looking up any wildlife rescue places in your own area to be prepared.


As an aside, this is a good time to put out bird food, seed and suet, for migratory birds (no bread!). There isn't much in the way of food as they migrate north


And finally; I'm tagging this for Observation Deck too, because although it isn't sf related, I'm sure the Observation Deck readers might find some wild baby animals as well.

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