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Wild Rides, And The Power Of The Pole

Ok, so yesterday I posted about my driving anxiety, and how I would overcome it by getting my ass shaking in a pole dancing lesson. Well...the lesson was amazing. The driving was probably the worst part.


Ok, this was the absolute worst part. I got to the place via [A canyon road] which led to [Road a famous movie, which is a total trip of a film, is named after], which is like looking into the face of death. Which emptied out into [Place famous for...I don't even know, I don't go there, it's basically Mars]. Other drivers were pissed because I was going slow-the fucking sun was in my eyes and I thought I'd go off the cliff! Fuck you, other drivers.


The way back, I chose the freeway. Because the route I took to get to the place would probably kill me in the dark, and I'm to beautiful to die. In my opinion. Well, pretty sure I caused an accident (my bad), and was clutching the wheel for dear life. I called my friend when I got home (she was worried), to prove that I was alive. So, I am, in fact, alive. Looking for a closer studio though.

I don't even know if I'm Penelope Pitstop...

On Da Pole!

Now the moment you've all been waiting for! Pole dancing is the bomb digity! Ok, I'm sore for real, and my knees hurt (I had to slid down the pole and land on my knees...which was not really the move). My favorite parts were learning how to walk (...Walk fashion baby work it my that [Huh? Broom?] go crazy...) and how to like, lean over and pop my booty. The instructor was amazing, but I told her I'm considering a studio that doesn't require me to drive so far. But she was cool about it.


All in all, it was a nice departure from boxing-even though I LOVE boxing-because it made me feel like I was getting a great workout, and being hawt to boot. Plus you have to do it in heels, which is pretty awesome.

And a Loki/Thor gif because I love you...


10/10, would recommend. I want all of y'all to get out of the comfort zone, and try something new. Doesn't have to be pole, just something you can say, "Wow, I did that!"

I do not recommend driving like you believe you will die though. That's not hella fun.

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