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Will and Grace Returns Who Did Not Care For It?

I saw it last night and the new Tina Fey show after it.

Will and Grace seemed stale. No one has grown up. I half expected when Will went into the Oval Office to say “Lucy, what have you done.” I realized this is who they became a modern Lucy and Ricky.

The ending was sad in a lot of ways. In the original Will and Grace there was love between them but each wanting to find a lifes partner. The ending cemented that Grace will never leave. Will and Grace have settled for each other. They have become a married couple in all but name. If it was them saying “we both searched for a true love but we really are each other’s true love” that would have been sweet and affirmation of their nonsexual love. Instead it was more resignation “we know each other and can accept one another we might as well just stay together.”


I do not know in reality how many friendships like Will and Grace become a couple.

It seems this show has taken them from being best friends who love each other to being a couple that will always stay together in same home.

I always liked the idea of them wanting to find love but always staying together because no one they meet is as good as their friendship. I don’t want this to be a “never mind we will just settle for this”. If they do then the show is really nothing more then a modern Lucy and Ricky with Ricky being gay.

Also it sends a message that women are the only true loves for gay men.

I wish one character grew up even Jack.

Also was the last season all a dream Karen had?

The show after it with Tina Fey is quite good. Although some sets look the same as 30 Rock especially the staff room for writing. Also Tina Fey’s character is like a male version of Baldwin’s 30 Rock character. The mother is hysterical played by Andrea Martin although my mother thinks she is a modern take on the mother from the Goldbergs.

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