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Will I regret not inviting my grandma to my wedding?

My grandmother is a terrible person. Over the last two years she has made it her mission to break up my parent's 30 year marriage. She calls my mother a snobby bitch and blames her for her nervous breakdowns. She is an alcoholic who, on her last visit, brought the largest bottle of vodka I've ever seen and kept it in her bedroom, where she steadily emptied it in secret. She left 5 days early without saying goodbye to anyone, including her brand new great-grandson.

Despite all of this, my parents tell me that I will regret it if I don't invite her. That she will be on her best behaviour at my wedding. That not inviting her to my wedding will cause irreparable damage to our relationship. To which I have responded:


The hard part is that my mom is the biggest advocate for inviting her, and yet she's the one who grandma's got it out for. I know it's my wedding and I can do whatever the fuck I want, but still. So there it is. Grandma or no grandma?

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