I was excited yesterday to finally get the judge’s decision in my divorce case. He actually gave me the money I asked for (which I totally didn’t expect), but he made it payable in small monthly installments over the course of almost five years. That is annoying, but whatever. At the end, though, it says that my ex’s lawyer (I didn’t have my own lawyer) had to write up the agreement based on what the judge’s decision said and submit it to the court by 2/29. As if it’s not bad enough that I have to wait yet another month when I’ve already waited nine months, my ex’s lawyer is useless and will probably not have it done on time. Last time he had to meet a deadline, I e-mailed and called him, trying to find out why it was late. He never responded. I e-mailed the court clerk to tell her that the lawyer had not met the deadline. She e-mailed him a couple of days later reminding him the deadline had passed. Still nothing. I finally e-mailed again and the judge himself sent an angry e-mail to the lawyer telling him it had to be taken care of immediately. The next day, the lawyer called me and asked me for my address, which I had already given him on numerous occasions. I finally got the paperwork over a month later. So, I can’t say I am all that confident that he will get the final divorce agreement paperwork submitted by the deadline. If it is even a day late, I will contact the court because this needs to be done. I just desperately want this over now.

On top of that, two days ago, my ex texted me to say she had found a few things of mine at the house and wanted to meet up to give them to me. I now live an hour and a half away and don’t get to her area often. I told her I would be in the area on Friday. She said Friday probably wouldn’t work for her, so I asked if she could leave the box on the back porch or garage. She said no, she couldn’t for “personal reasons.” I asked if she could mail them. She said she would if I gave her $200 for some bill that was decided to be her debt in the divorce, but that she wants me to pay for some reason. I asked her why she wanted to see me so much because there is absolutely no reason I can think of that she couldn’t just leave the package on the back porch. She insisted she didn’t want to see me, but would not give me any answer as to why she couldn’t leave the box on the porch. Part of me wants to just say screw it, I don’t need the box, but there are some pictures in there that I had been looking for of friends who have since died, so I do want those pictures. I don’t know.

She was abusive and controlling while we were married and has continued to attempt to control me even though we are no longer together, so I’d rather not see her. I do not trust her at all. I texted her about an item that I really wanted in December, then she called me up and started going off on me about everything that had ever gone wrong in the marriage. When I asked her why she wanted to talk about this stuff as we were no longer together and it didn’t really matter at this point, she would ask if I really wanted the object I had texted about. I fully expect her to try something similar (if not worse) if I see her in person to get this damn box. I think my only option is to just give up on the box of stuff.

Sorry this got long. I am just so stressed and desperately want this woman out of my life. Supportive comments, advice from others who have been through divorce/breakup of serious relationship, and cute animal pics are very welcome.