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Will this black dog ever get smaller?

I realise I've posted a lot, but I'm off work for the holidays, and have more free time.

Today, someone posted on my timeline a 'congratulations' as apparently I've been chosen as the first winner of the newly announced 'Facey's' or Facebook Awards. The category? First World Problems. Apparently, out of all 200+ people this person knows, I'm the most tone-deaf about what really matters in the world. To make it worse, 10 mutual friends liked it, and when I questioned the validity of the post, a few claimed it as 'funny because it's true'. I'm feeling rather offended by it, but everyone keeps telling me to laugh it off, that it's funny. It's just not funny to me, in the slightest. It's especially troubling considering it came from an acquaintance I generally think quite highly of, and have looked to as a mentor in my past.

I barely post things on the Book anymore, I'll link to things I find online, or comment on other peoples stuff. Almost all of my links are about gay rights in my community and my state, or Ninjacate's article from awhile ago, and various topics along those lines. I'll admit, I post food articles and the occasional cat, but never anything inane, or in my mind, first world problems. Am I being overly sensitive? I didn't delete it, purely because I don't really believe in deleting things just because they upset me (weird logic, I know). Does First World Problems mean something different now that I'm unaware of? Are gay rights and solidarity not problems all over the world? I'm really confused, and honestly more hurt than anything. I've been contemplating deleting Facebook this year, and this just tips my thought process.


I thought about just blasting off a crap ton of 'this happened in the world today, but no one cares because Miley' but that's too passive-aggressive and bitchy for me. I didn't realise how much this had gotten under my skin until I started writing about it! I really want someone to say oh no, BBees this was merely a hack, or randomly generated internet thing the person doesn't know about, but I have a serious feeling that he meant it. It's shit like this that makes me question why we have role models or people we look up to, as I did with this person. They are never what we think, and we allow ourselves to be massively disappointed when they fail or do something ignorant. Now I'm sad, and hating myself slightly. Every time I think I'm beating back that depression I talked about a couple weeks ago, something like this just makes the black dog bigger and louder.

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