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Will this mirepoix kill me? UPDATE: I'm a dumbass

I promise one day I'll post something interesting, but I have a minor Snowmaggedon conundrum. I am making a crockpot roasted vegetable soup and have in the bottom of the refrigerator a container of Trader Joe's mirepoix that says "best if enjoyed by 1/16/15" (my, how time flies).

The top of the plastic container was a little expanded, but I tasted each layer and the carrots, celery and onion taste OK.


Would you risk it?

ETA: thanks for the response and BTW, TJ mirepoix is a miracle in a jar—particularly if you are single and don't "do" celery all that much.

UPDATE: Thanks all! The veggies weren't brown at all and still crisp. I have used whole vegetables from my crisper that look MUCH WORSE (yeah, you probably don't want to dine here), but for some reason, I fixated on the date.

SOUP IS ON! And I think I'm going to make some maple-roasted chickpeas since the oven is on. Sorry you can't be here to enjoy it with me—although given what I've said about my cooking, you probably aren't.

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