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I loved this late 70s to mid 80s sitcom. The show was Benson. Benson was a character from the spoof soap opera Soap played by Robert Guillaume. Benson went to work running the governor’s mansion for a very good hearted not too bright Governor played by James Noble. This show also had for chief of staff Rene Auberjunois aka Odo from Star Trek Deep Space 9.

Illustration for article titled Will TV icons from my youth stop dying James Governor Gatling Noble has died

As a not too bright Governor who always made the right decisions. Reading about James Noble I wish I had known him more then just as a governor. A really impressive history. He was also a WW2 Vet.


God first the fictional tv president played in the 80s by Patty Duke now a fictional tv governor played by James Noble has died.

I know I am like the poster of death too often.

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