Paging Chritter, Princess Fluffybutt and NYCyclist at least, I think. If you guys are going to be around this weekend, JessPhilosoraptor/Philopater/Philippines/Fillapastry and myself will also be. Friday is probably the best day as we are doing things on Saturday (though we may be free late Saturday night) and have to drive back to DC Sunday. There is some chance of brunching on Sunday, however.

Irregardless, for all intensive porpoises we'd like to work something out with you and you'res. And if your brain hasn't exploded after that last sentence, drop something in the comments or just email me at starkruzr at gmail dot com.

In conclusion, science:


(The turkey is badly shopped in because I can't figure out how to use the bucket tool in Paint.NET to fill the white space with transparency.)