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Will you help me crowd source my outfit, pretty please with cherries? (Warning: Pic heavy)

I'm going to see Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale at McCarter Theater in Princeton, Land of the Civicly Minded Hoits and Toits. I know that the dress code for the theater has relaxed but I'm in the school that thinks you should get dressed up! I don't want to over do it though so I'm asking for your help!

I have a cocktail dress I bought for a wedding I had a dreadful time at and I'm determined to wear it again... I'm just not sure if its too dressy. I tried layering a sheer white shirt over it, tell me what you guys think. Please excuse my fuzzy selfies, I don't take them often.


From the back:

Without the shirt:


Should I wear flats? More specifically, should I wear these flats:


Is the necklace too much? I have a simple strand of pearls. And different dresses, I have different dresses.


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