Recently, I was asked during a job interview about my plans for a family, which is totally illegal yet somehow not as bad as what I deal with in my job now. Yes, ladies and gents, I am willing to take a job with a boss that is willing to break the law in an interview because he is doubtlessly less sexist and crazy than the boss I have now.

My fiance has been honest with me that while he and his (female) coworker who hire people don't ask directly, they definitely speculate as to whether or not someone plans to have kids. They just know not to ask and aren't idiots. I am loving this article in The Onion that gets to the issue.

Especially in the underfunded/short-staffed public sector, I'm starting to realize that when I walk into an interview a lot of employers see WOMAN OF CHILDBEARING AGE WOMAN OF CHILDBEARING AGE before they look down at my qualifications. It's depressing. I know it was illegal for my possible future boss to ask what he did, but I answered: I don't imagine it'll be a consideration for about 3-5 years.