But *society* ain't gonna like it. This was posted by my high school friend earlier. I love her so much for it.

Gratuitous shaving shares: I goddamn hate shaving and rarely do it. People act like I am making a statement, but I am mostly lazy. Then again, IDGAF kind of is a statement when it comes down to it. I shave if I have a nice function or a work meeting or something but that is about it. It is a lot of surface area to cover, and I am not what you might call "enthusiastic" about showers, making shaving even more of an unnecessary time suck.

Big pet peeve: when people ask what Boyancé thinks about my hairy legs. I just cannot believe people think that is an acceptable question to ask. He still sleeps with me! And if he didn't, he would be an asshole and I would find someone else to. Smooth legs are by far NOT the greatest thing I have to offer. I have got plenty going for me, and staying perfect and impossibly groomed is not something I will ever prioritize. I do want to maintain attractiveness for my mate, but if his standards were so sexist an unreasonable that I have to lose hours of my life adhering to them, fuck him. Luckily, he loves me for the grimy scumbag I truly am. So, in the words of my friend, "Suck it, nerds."