Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Win/Lose/Draw of Life

TW: joking about depression. I find amusement in damned near everything, but I know that's often just me. Also found herein: an inane amount of inanity.

  1. Thought my new exercise regimen had reduced my appetite, actually don't want any flavors ever and realized it is depression. Meh.
  2. Used the last bit of my concealer today thinking I would have to go into the office, boss cancelled. Need to buy new makeup I can't really afford.
  3. Started waking up at 5 am to have coffee with Mr. Farce, never actually do a damn useful thing until 9 anyway.
  4. Huge sale on San Pellegrino at CostCo. Now look like one of those asshats who carry around glass bottles of mineral water.
    Draw. BUT CALCIUM.
  5. Talked my teenage neighbor (former babysitee) into getting a summer Mohawk. Now he has a mohawk and I'm jealous
    Win. Mohawks are a win for EVERYONE.
  6. Should be working, am on GT.
    Let's be serious, that's a win.

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