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Win some, lose some....

The SCOTUS just unanimously determined that domestic violence/abuse is held to a different standard than any other form of violence; it does not matter if state standards differ. If you are convicted of domestic violence YOU CAN NOT OWN A GUN. They did not bother to consider any 2nd amendment arguments. Granted Scalia voted in concurrence and wrote his own opinion but it was 9-0 — a total win.

FireFox the browser just chose a CEO who has a history of opposing LGBT rights (donated to that California prop 8 thingy). The CEO says that his personal beliefs will not interfere with his duties as CEO; he does not disavow his anti-LGBT leanings, he just says "look, over there, a bright shiny something". I have been avoiding Chrome now for years but it looks like I may have to give up FF. There is a very well thought out take on this very issue on the main page by korbendallasbathroompass that you might like to take a look at.


** this just in **Mozilla's new CEO this week expressed "sorrow" for having caused pain by making a donation in support of California's Prop. 8


Hobby Lobby vs Siebelius - a pretty silly name for a fairly serious issue - if Hobby Lobby wins, you can look forward to anti-LGBT cases to follow - in the 1980s a religious school in California refused to offer medical insurance to married women because 'the man was the head of the household', they offered medical insurance to single mothers, to single women but would not offer insurance to married women because of their religious beliefs.

Frank Zappa

It bothers me that there are no comments about Frank's music from Freak Out - the very first album I bought when I got to college - yes I was that freak that could sing all the verses to "help I am a rock" at the keggers (and I invented and performed the only known double inverted moon).

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