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Wine: Great drink, or greatest drink?

Let us harken back to Greek times, wherein the mythical inventor of wine, Dionysus, was a mortal who then got promoted to being one of the top 12 gods, forcing another god to step aside and give up their seat (love you, Hestia!). Because he, uhm, invented wine. That's it.

Other gods who did not apparently rate as high:

Selene, Goddess of the moon (wine > the tides, obvi)

All of the gods of the winds (I know wine makes you more likely to blow things, Jezzies, but it's not quite the same thing)


Uhm Hades. Never got a throne up there. God of Death, y'all.

Nemesis. Goddess of Revenge. Let this be a lesson to ye, Groupthink. Remember that wine always wins out over vengeful thoughts.

Eros. God of love. Yes. Wine is indeed more estimable than love. Dare you argue?

So you see, young Jezebelles and Jezebeaux, incontrovertible evidence. Wine is le superior drink.


To you, Groupthink!


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