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Wine Hangover a Listicle Alternate Title: Ugh

-Last night the Geekboy's parents had their 50th anniversary. Family dinner at a really nice place that was BYOB.

-Dear Super Attentive Waiters at the BYO: Your ninja like skills are being under-used. I have no idea how much wine I drank last night because my glass was magically re-filling itself without my knowledge.

-We sat at 6, then had a toast, then took forever to order appetizers, then took forever to order dinner. Did not eat until like 9. * This is why I think I was so drunk.


-Geekboy's sisters however are much more amusing when I'm drunk.

-Geekboy has assured me 5 times I wasn't that bad. I do remember most of the night. However the man was married to an alcoholic for 5 years so I don't know if he's grading on a curve.

-Today will be a pj's and Netflix day. Extremely happy we went grocery-shopping yesterday. The squalor will keep for another day.

*Yes as a former waitress I realize this makes us the worst. But Geekboy's sisters couldn't figure out what they wanted to do. It was a big bill though so the server made out like gang-busters on us while the rest of the place was slow.

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