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Winging It, in the Kitchen

So tonight is a night where I was commanded to "Clear out some of the crap that's clogging up the freezer" (we have a fairly small freezer).

What do I find in there? Two spork chawps from months ago. A box o' frozen spinach. There's some feta in the fridge, half a block leftover from my last swimps n' feta challenge.

I'm not even bothering with recipes. I'm gonna butterfly the spork chawps and give them a quick browning, saute up some celery, onion, breadcrumbs, add some spinach and feta and bake 'em. Stuffed spork chawps! And serve with garlicky couscous and the last few green beans in the hydrator that are entering the "use 'em or lose 'em" zone.


Sometimes it's fun to just slap something together with what's on hand, it's like a Top Chef challenge. What are y'all cooking tonight, GT?

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