They are claiming she is using a body double to hide her failing health. This is their proof. The guy who’s Facebook feed I pulled this off claims the photos were taken an hour apart.

Apparently they don’t understand how lighting can impact a photo...

The other “proof” that she is using a body double? They are claiming that there’s a noticeable difference in the security around her when the body double is in play. As in, there is less security for the body double.


Let’s assume for a moment, that the body double claims are true. It would require Clinton’s Secret Service detail to be in on it. Are they really going to risk something happening to the body double, and the secret coming out? I’m thinking that would be career ending for the agent in charge at the very least.

The guy who posted this was always a bit of a right wing nut in school, which made him stand out as the majority of the school was Liberal or NDP. His Mom was a feminist, NDP supporting social worker.

He has appeared to have only gotten more right wing and nuttier with age. He’s been living in the States for years and just got his citizenship a few months back.

On the upside, he does think Trump is a horrible human being.