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Winter Arrogance needs to stahp

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I am a lifelong northerner and I've taken root in one of the coldest states in the country, but people here seriously need to stop being such arrogant jerks about how good they are at handling winter.


The local publication here just posted this piece about how Floridians cancelled their monthly block party due to 45F temps. Seriously?! If it were 45 in June here with a chance of rain I'm sure outdoor activity committees would be discussing whether or not to postpone as well. In the dog days of summer people here bitch and moan when the heat index reaches 90F even if the humidity is minimal. Suck it up, Minnesotans. Also, using PETA nuts as their example of contrast didn't do them any favors. PETA people are largely known to be unhinged, but that's a debate for another day.

It's cold, I'm gonna bitch about it and hope the universe grants my wish that we get the day off tomorrow. But I feel you, people in southerly states. Your situation sucks, too.

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