Thank gawd Mr. Haa just got our snow blower running. We were very lucky to be given one for free from our next door neighbor. She is a single mom who could never get it started so she had been paying a guy to plow her driveway. She said we could have the snow blower if we took care of her driveway too. Definitely worth it. This is what he is contending with tonight.

The thing is 17 years old unfortunately and seems to be on it's last leg. Mr. Haa is a bit of amateur mechanic and he's taken it apart, brought it to a small motor repair shop and had it taken apart, and still it doesn't want to start right away. I think this year's tax return should be put towards a new snow blower. I figure if we wait until this spring or summer we may be able to find a good deal. We got a ride on lawn mower used on Craigslist a few summers ago but I'm paranoid to do that again.

Anyways we had a bit of a night. Mr. Haa didn't get home with the baby until 6 because of the roads, we then fed her 5 big spoonfuls of sweet potato, a bottle, and then she promptly shit herself with so much force it came up out of the diaper both front and back. It got everywhere. We decided a bath was the easiest way to get her clean again. By the time Mr. Haa finished that up it was her bedtime. This is kind of a big deal guys. I have been avoiding bed times and generally getting up with her most of the time because I get so anxious. I decided I was going to put her to bed tonight. Our ritual is to change her diaper, put her warm fuzzy pjs on, and then swaddle her with her arms out of a Halo sleepsack. I turned out most of the lights in the living room, turned off the radio and tv, and rocked and sang to her. She was fussy at first and I started to panic. I had wanted Mr. Haa to take her immediately but he was in the middle of doing some IT support (it's his week on call) so I felt guilty pawning her off. He reassured me she would settle in a couple minutes, to just keep rocking her, and talking/singing to her. And wouldn't you know it, she was asleep on my chest within 10 minutes. I rocked with her a bit more and then I brought her upstairs to her crib. She's out like a light.


So now I'm warming up a late dinner of leftovers for us. It's amazing how much of our night is devoted to our kid. We don't even think about feeding ourselves until 8pm most nights. It's definitely been an adjustment that's for sure.