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Winter = Nosebleeds

The picture to your left is basically me this winter. My nose won't stop bleeding! Help!

I think the cold weather has ruined the inside of my nose because it bleeds at the drop of a hat now. I sneeze or blow my nose and boom, blood eeeeeeeverywhere. I've nearly ruined a pillowcase and a bled onto my favorite white and black striped sleep thermal (of course the blood ONLY got on the white part). Just today I had another nosebleed spell at my desk at work while on a call and I was just desperately shoving tissues up my nose. I am so tired of everything tasting like blood. That isn't fun if you don't get immortality with it.


I figure it has to be from how insanely cold and dry it's been here. We're not getting above freezing for the next week or more.

So what the hell do I do? Do I get a humidifier? A dehumidifier? Use a saline spray? Sacrifice a goat under a full moon?

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