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Winter Storm Cleon

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So ice. Such frozen. Wow.

It's a bit scary here in Dallas, folks. My roommate's boyfriend had to come rescue us and our two cats last night, because we were still without power at 6pm with the temperature dipping into the teens. We spent about an hour and a half making a ten mile trip to his house, averaging 15 mph on side roads and back streets. All of this, and I can't remember seeing a single sanding truck in the days leading up to this. Most of the time when they are predicting a major winter weather episode, the cities take some kind of preventative measures to make the roads safer, but not this time, apparently. So, we have major highways completely shut down, and according to the news people got stranded in their vehicles on the sides of the road last night. A bunch of trees on our street were so weighed down with ice that they completely snapped and blocked the main entrance to the road as well. I just...don't understand how we managed to be so ill prepared for this. A full QUARTER OF THE CITY with no electricity on the coldest day of the year. Shit.


Anyway. I'm at roommate's BF's place, going a little stir crazy, but so thankful that we have heat and food and fresh water here.

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