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Winter traveling update: KABarrick edition

Husband is here in Chicago and as you all know the weather is bad now and going to be abysmal.

Main roads have been plowed and are continuing to be. The snow fall isn't SNOMG Blizzard level but it has been gentling falling for nearly 24 hours.


Husband has to travel to Southern Wisconsin for work tomorrow (yes, this is what we do every week for those who don't know). Our "normal" bad weather timing is an evening departure but since the temps are going to be dropping starting during the Packers game, Husband is going to leave ASA his laundry is done so sometime in the next few hours.

Truck has four wheel drive, oil and washer fluid is good. He's got his "tights" or cheapo underarmor style gear on. He's bringing extra gloves, socks, insulated jeans, food, wool blanket, and extra jacket. He's taking the interstate which has a high likelihood of being plowed and being able to find help if he gets in trouble.

Meanwhile, the animals and I should be fine. We're going out to get some milk (the ONLY thing we forgot yesterday) from the organic store since it's pretty much across the street. Grocery stores are kinda chaotic which makes me think Dominic's picked the wrong week to close all their stores.


Cooper's winter booties don't come in the mail until Monday so until then, we're taking alleyways (less salt) and helping out with Bag Balm on his paws. Cats are fine and we've got heat working.

A note about public schools being open. I first thought (mainly because I have friends who are teachers) they were saying "FUCK TEACHERS" since child absences are excused while school is still in session. Then today during the Chicago bad weather press conference, I thought about kids who may have more heating available to them at school (and food) than at home. Landlords are only legally required to have a daytime temperature capacity of 60 degrees. Damn.


Hope people don't have to work tomorrow! Maybe special GT holiday? I know I'm going to try to get my etsy store up and running or at least make progress towards it. Oooh, and Husband made some Limpa dough (anise, cardamon and orange peel) that I'm going to bake over the next few days.

How are you going to occupy your cold weather time? Is your work calling off tomorrow or what are the conditions it would need to be for that to happen?

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