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So, because Monday has to suck SOMEHOW (though mine, at least, has been mostly Sublimely Excellent), the University of Wisconsin at Madison saw fit to print this little gem, infuriatingly titled "Rape Culture Does Not Exist."

There's a lot of stupid in it, but here's the gristly, overcooked heart of the stupid, and no — you get NO Sriracha to help choke it down:

You’ll often hear very uneducated people make statements like, “If people taught their sons not to rape women then we wouldn’t have a problem.” There are a couple of problems with this statement.

First, it’s incredibly ignorant. Anybody who’s ever watched the news knows that rape is illegal, and yet the above paints the picture that our society is failing to educate young men on rape. Secondly, it implies that education can prevent true acts of evil. We teach kids not to murder and rob, but people still do it. Once again, you can’t always stop criminals.

Finally, statements like that put all the blame on men and put no blame on women. There’s no doubt that women are more often the victims of sexual assault and rape, but many men are assaulted and raped as well. Then why aren’t we teaching our daughters not rape?


Gosh, it's almost as if he's intentionally setting aside what rape is and why it happens in order to wag his finger at feminists. He even manages to poop out some impressively racist shit as well, in a dazzling display of inability to make analogies. But the real forehead vein-popper is here:

It is unfortunate that some women feel the need to exploit anything that may be rape for publicity. Not everything that is claimed to be rape is actually rape, and false accusations only take away from the credibility of real victims.

For example, I’ve heard many women tell me they regretted having sex with somebody, and that if anybody asked them they’d just lie and say they were too drunk to remember. It’s people like them that are huge problems. Why are women so desperate to demonize men that they’ll lie about being raped?


Yeah, it's real unfortunate, you shitheel.

Most of the comments are admirably skeptical/disdainful of this clown, but once in a while you find a stupid and unintentionally helpful one that manages to demonstrate precisely what rape culture IS.


I dunno. I know you're not supposed to let college publications get to you, but the Badgers successfully trolled me here. This is a consequence of being an Irish alum confronted with the Big 10, I guess? I don't know. It could also be late afternoon and I'm running out of steam.

That's all I got. Walt, tell this chucklefuck how I really feel about him.

(ETA: Forgot to mention I found this because of a MoGlo tweet:

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