Finally, thank god.

Tonight I'm doing food prep for the days immediately after. So far I've made some slightly mushy rice with super soft sauteed veggies and diced up chicken breast. Next I will probably cut up/saute the rest of the vegetables in the refrigerator so I don't have to worry about A. cooking or B. said veggies going bad because I didn't feel like cooking. I also have instant oatmeal, ice cream, ripe bananas, and soup.

It's going to cost me slightly more to go under full anesthesia while they take the tooth out, but luckily the oral surgeon offers a zero interest payment plan for 12 months with no credit check. It seems worth it to me, I am already stone cold terrified of someone putting their hands in my mouth so I'd much rather be totally out than just have the laughing gas. I only have to pay my $50 copay tomorrow.

Also, my financial aid paperwork is currently being processed by the college and I should know soon how much they'll award me for the spring. I registered for classes two days ago, so aside from ordering next semester's books, I'm all set on school matters until January.

So, tooth out tomorrow, then recovery, then job hunt. Wahoo!