I have an interview tomorrow for an internal transfer. I legit cannot stand my boss any longer. He is totally incompetent and weirdly controlling. I recoil at the thought of spending time with him (he lives in another country). Weirdness extends to dictating where you sit during meetings, critiquing what you eat & how much you eat, wanting to know what time you will wake up, wanting to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner together on business trips....He took no action when one of my peers was straight up sexually harrassing one of my direct reports. I had to go over his head and open an investigation. That on top of the imcompetence and inability to write complete sentences in formal business announcements (I am embarrassed to be associated with my dept due to him)...I digress.

I feel quite bad about the idea of leaving my team. I need a change though so I am spinning out with nerves. I am afraid to get AND afraid to not get it. Bleh.