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I decided I'm going to tell MitsuBT about the possibility of me moving back to Texas at the end of summer. He is grilling steaks for dinner, so I figured I'd be nice and make a kick ass Caprese salad with fresh, organic stuff, and get some super delicious homemade cookies from the farmer's market. Apparently, cookies are BT's kryptonite.

I'm so nervous. I don't want to make next weekend awkward (that's when we're going to Kaua'i)...but I don't think I can keep it from him. Hopefully he is cool and understands it's only a possibility, and no use breaking up over it since he was going to be leaving in a year anyway.

Tomorrow is also Cars & Coffee! My favorite car meet in the whole state. Yes, I have to get up early for it, and wash my car, but it's so worth it! YAY CARS!


I hope everyone else has a kickass weekend! With finals and plans this weekend, I probably won't be around too much after this morning, but I'll try to check in and let y'all know how it goes with MitsuBT.

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