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"With All Due Respect" I will pass

I was so hoping MSNBC would give the 6pm slot to their best anchor/reporter Chris Jansing. But oh no they are not. Instead they will air Bloomberg’s With All Due Respect instead. I do not like this Bloomberg show at all. Actually I would have vastly prefered MSNBC airing Angie Lau’s show which Bloomberg used to air at 7pm but now just Sundays from 6pm to 8pm although if MSNBC did air her show she would have to talk about more then the markets especially the Asian markets. Halperin seems so full of himself and thinks he is so smart and funny, he is not especially the funny part. Halperin appears on Morning Joe sometimes and he is annoying. John Heileman is ok but too sidekickish.

It should be Chris Jansing at 6pm not these two. Unless I am in the minority liking Jansing and not this Bloomberg now MSNBC show. Bloomberg will air it at 5pm MSNBC at 6m.


The continuing spiral decline of MSNBC well I guess I will just watch Wolf Blitzer instead at 6pm. CNN really overdoes it with Wolf, three hours is too much, 1pm then 5 to 7pm.

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