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With apologies to Dr. Seuss...

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This is what I want to see on the last episode of SNL before Christmas. Have Kate McKinnon dressed as Hillary singing with a choir of drag queens with Whoville hair wearing the dresses Melania and Ivanka wore to the Inauguration.


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You’re a moron Donnie Trump

You simply are a dunce

You take healthcare from the sickest and food from babies lips, Donnie Trump

And then take yet another of your golf trips

You’re a dimwit Donnie Trump

That toupee, it ate your brain!

Your staff is incoherent and your cabinet’s sneaking off, Donnie Trump

Even Jared and Ivanka want to serve you a cocktail Molotov!

You’re a slimeball Donnie Trump

That stench, we know it’s real

As you wander through the White House, gases flowing from your rump, Donnie Trump


You’re grosser than the crusty spooge at the bottom of your tiny penis pump!

You’re a dummy Donnie Trump.

The world sits back aghast

Kim Jong Un thinks you’re a dotard, to Putin you’re mere scruff, Donnie Trump

The three words that best describe you are as follows and I quote, “Piss. Poor. Fluff.”


You’re a grifter, Donnie Trump

Your con’s come to an end

Robert Mueller has your number and you must give up the ghost, Donnie Trump

All the prisons are competing to be your next host!

You’re a punchline Donnie Trump

We all know you’re a hack

It’s clear you’re doomed to history’s footnotes, and we can only hope, Donnie Trump


That you leave us quick without one last grope!

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