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Welcome To The Bitchery
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With great power comes great responsibility...and Chain Story Part Deux!

Thanks for the posting privileges Sorcia! I promise to only minimally let the power go to my head!

Since our chain story from a few days ago was so much fun, I thought I would bring it back in a new post, to see if we can get more people to participate!


Below, I’ve posted the story so far, so everyone can get caught up! Oh man, its just getting good!

Here are the rules..

1. I’ll post the next sentence in a comment thread, to start us off. You respond with a reply to that comment. The next person should respond with a reply to that reply, and so on. This way, the story stays in one thread.


2. To further prevent any kinja-confusion, I’m going to ask that everyone number their response. My first comment will be 1, then the first reply will be 2, etc...That way, it should be easier to follow the story.

3. It wasn’t really an issue last time, but I’m gonna just ask everyone to self monitor. If you post a line, and it turns out someone has already beaten you to it, just edit your own post to read “redacted.”


4. Everyone feel free to participate as much as they want!

The story so far....

“No,no, no, no, no” she moaned to herself, racing back the house.

The front door was ever so slightly ajar and she could hear music playing.

Breathless, she quickly stepped into the foyer, only to confront him face-to-face. Screaming now, as only she could, “where are my car keys, you big jerk!


He stared up at her from the couch, confused. Shooting them both a look of total disdain, the cat delicately hopped off of his lap and hightailed it out of the room.

“Look, kitten,” he said smugly, rising and stepping over to her. “I told you, you can’t leave tonight. We’re snowed in and the roads aren’t safe.”


“One,” she said, vibrating with anger. “You try to call me kitten one more time, I will punch you in the dick.”
“Two...I would, I would rather die on the ice than stay one more moment with you, you job stealing, motherfucker. You knew! You knew how important that client was to me!”

“Look, come on!” he protested. “You know I was just—” Suddenly he was cut off by high pitched scream from the back of the house. There was a single shot, then it was silent.


There was a short pause as they both stared at each other, trying to take in what they had just heard. “Julia!” they breathed in unison. Then they raced together toward the back of the house.

She reached the door to the kitchen and grabbed the handle, but it was locked.

“Julia!” she screamed, rattling the handle frantically.

“Hang on!” he screamed, pushing her aside. Taking a few steps back, he attempted to ram the door with his shoulder.


To the surprise of both of them, the door fell open.

She rushed forward, nearly slipping in the pool of blood on the floor, but Julia was not there. Instead, the body of a man in a plaid suit lay face down on the tiles.


She paused, speechless for the second time in less than a minute.

“Gary?” she said, half to herself. Then again to him, slowly.

“This is...Gary Helgenberger...my cli-YOUR CLIENT. Your client that you stole from me is lying dead. Here. Why?”


“And if Gary is here,” he breathed, his face paling to the color of day-old grits, “ then who was that flying the plane when it took off this morning?”

Baffled, they stared at the pool of blood slowly congealing on the floor.

“We have to call the police!” She shrieked.

He cried “wait, we can’t. I got mixed up in his business and it was not strictly legal. The police will think we did this. We should leave.”


“No,” she said “we have to find Julia first.”

They stepped gingerly around the body of Gary, careful not to get any blood on their shoes.

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