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To those growing up as a child in the 70s the Irwin Allen shows got airtime in syndication. I never saw Time Tunnel and I saw a few Land Of The Giants episodes and found them boring. I would like to see LOTG again now I am an adult. In the 80s I started watching regularly in syndication Voyage To The Bottom of The Sea. It had “light” episodes but was overall a rather serious show.

I think Irwin Allen is underappreciated. His imagination and storylines were good. Extremely cheap though. If Allen put as much money in the individual episodes as he did with the pilot episodes his shows would be classics.


Also his movies. What child in the 70s saw Poseidon Adventure every time it was on. Even today if I see it airing I will watch. I loved that movie so much. Or his thrilling disaster movie Towering Inferno. Lesson take stairs during a fire and avoid staying above the 10th floor. Ladders go only so high along with hoses.

I would bring Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea.

Set it in the depths of Marianas Trench I believe that’s the lowest point in Pacific.

Who recalls his non LiS series and movies? The video is a tribute to Voyage. All four series should return at least as limited run series. Well LiS is returning. His others should too with the proper budgets. Obviously Voyage needs a diverse crew and guest stars.

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