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With my family now (tw: cancer)

So, on Friday, my dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

We found out that the cancer has already spread to his stomach, liver and gallbladder as well. He also has an ulcer, so we're treating that so he doesn't bleed out.


We will find out more information after the results of a biopsy come in on Wednesday or Thursday. This is grim.

I flew from San Francisco to Oregon to see my parents yesterday morning. It was pretty shocking to see my dad, after last seeing him in August. He has lost 70 lbs and they're still melting off. He actually gets an appetite now and then, but he feels full whenever he eats anything (which may be the cancer in the stomach being an asshole.)

We've just been hanging out for the weekend. Joking about it (jokes I won't recount because they would upset those who don't share our humor genes.)

Tomorrow I will file for his disability, handicapped placards, and crap like that. I'm sure I'll forget something. Once we get the biopsy results we'll move forward with looking at possible treatments, getting his DNR and will written up, and other really un-fun things.


I've already ordered a billion of different kinds of high-calorie crap off of Amazon. To see if anything sticks. He seems to be doing okay with rice pudding, and I got these little 350-calorie packets that you mix with food like that. I hope that helps put on more weight.

My mom seems to be taking this 1000x worse than him. So I took her out to lunch and have been trying to cheer her up,


This is just so surreal at this point.

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